Our Services

Design Consultations and Conceptualization

Getting ideas together on what to actually do with a space is always a great start. We do designs from ground up for those who are building new homes to rent or flip or simply if you are stuck in a rut about what to do with a room.

Remodeling: Commercial and Residential

We bring in our own team of contractors to renovate anything from a kitchen to a whole home or space.


We stage homes to hasten the process of selling for real estate agents and homeowners.

Furnishing For Rental Purposes

We fully furnish homes for the owner to rent out. Whether it’s an apartment, an office space or a whole house, our team will make sure the place is ready to be lived in.

Interior Design

We enhance the interior of a space to achieve a healthier, more functional and aesthetically appeasing environment.

Why Hire An Interior Designer?

Coming from medicine, I have always been drawn to creating environments that offer a peace of mind. This is directly related to your emotional and mental health. You are your surroundings. The colors, the textures, the patterns you put in a room should be a direct, positive reflection of you.

Most people become so complacent in where and how they live, that they forget to realize a simple organization, a simple change in furniture placement, or a new piece can do wonders not only to a room, but to your peace of mind. How a space makes you feel at home is upon you. You have to create the energy you want to feel in your home.

All of this can of course be overwhelming, and that is why we are here to help! We strive to give you an optimal living environment. My goal is to create functionality and aesthetically appealing spaces in a home to increase your productivity and provide a healthy, peaceful environment.


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70 E old country road, Hicksville NY 11801

70 E old country road, Hicksville NY 11801