My Story

Hi, My Name Is Jaspreet Chawla.

I was born in India and moved to the United States when I was six. My parents gave me the American dream. I was given the opportunity of education and because of my thriving academics at an early age, inevitably my road was decided for me, medicine. I, of course knew no better but to put on blinders and follow that dream. Fast forward thirty five years, I figured out what I really, internally always wanted to do, and that was to be creative.

Interior design hasn’t always been a passion, it’s been my calling. I am grateful to have realized this was my path. No age or time is too gone to pursue what you believe brings you happiness.

I’m so glad you decided to stop by my page, and I hope you’ll stay a while!

The Company

I started this company in March 2019. My goal has always been simple, to keep functionality in balance with aesthetic. While making an interior beautiful, you cannot sacrifice the functionality of it. Keeping that in mind, I love to create interiors that reflect a client’s personality. You are your surroundings. Bringing a client’s personal taste and my eye makes for an interior that’s impeccable.


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70 E old country road, Hicksville NY 11801

70 E old country road, Hicksville NY 11801